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Stop Online Piracy Act, and Protection IP Act are two bills that Congress is considering passing, and if passed the results are that the United States government will have access to take down websites that they want without notice and will do so indefinitely, is the simplest way I can explain the two bills. The explanations for the two bills are also within the titles as well as how many might think that the Acts speaks volume within it self. We can sit here and agree to disagree based on the information provided to us throughout this week’s material, but we always have to remember that “too much of something is never too good for one’s self”. It was very interesting to read about Anonymous and how when it started it was for the betterment of “good”, yet gaining “too much of anything one can lose their mind”. Anonymous was a huge success in the Middle East, it spoke for the people who then through media, learned to stand up and speak for themselves. However arising issues for the fulfillment of ones own needs, for example, the Playstation scenario with Sony, I must say I was not very found of, because again too much power is brings about a path. The first article about SOPA and Protect IP bills; well lets just say that I agree with the author’s conclusion as he told us of, “both PROTECT IP and SOPA: Will not stop the piracy they are targeting, contain language that is highly ambiguous and extremely broad making them ripe for abuse, and introduce regulation and enforce censorship on what should be a free and open internet”. We can also recall a pattern within the government, I believe that no attention is ever paid to events and or issues unless such attention is brought into light and is broadcasted via the Internet. I mean looking back in history we can see such events and how they have played their roles in the world we are residing; we have to understand that we can not control this earth always remember the rule of “power” because with “too much power come corruption”, just as one of the readings state. I have been watching the TV series Tyrant and it follows very close with the events discussed in the article of Quinn’s and how the media has a very big impact on the social and political changes occurring over seas followed with how through the Internet is how one can communicate and spread massages to those unaware of issues surrounding us or them. However to limits such resources available, of course, anyone would start a uprising and try to gain control on the one thing available to all and spin it to their beneficial gains. It is very interesting to read about hackers in the beginning of the course as they are portrayed in a positive spot light, then to read about them now in the later reading and in fact in our era as them being a negative factor in our society. We cannot point fingers to anyone but to the events that has changed and shaped our planet, thus understand that those who had so many resources available under their fingertips turned and twisted the information in a different direction, either for bad or good. We should still come together to make sense of the technology that is expanding, and will expand, even more for our future generation. It was so interesting to watch Edward Snowden’s interview. I was amazed at the information he was providing us about technological devices and their capabilities as well as his perspective on such technological programs. I truly believed him as he stated his point of view, about his acts and how in the end of the day, as a “patriot”, he disagreed with some of the programs for which he was put responsible of. We are much smarter in the 21st century, so some of us can take his perspectives in to consideration and again not point fingers but understand and get education on why certain things are happening in our society within the media. We understand that as humans everyone makes mistakes, but correcting our mistakes and not blaming the media and or placing restriction on the one thing that many can freely express themselves. Technology can be either bad or good it’s upon the individual using it that can determine the outcome of the Internet. Interruptions of such resources can be presented in a million ways so we should find the right to move forward for the betterment of that is best of our environment.

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