week5 Diba Mohammadullah

19 Jun

This weeks material reminded me of all the times when my old school American parents would tell us about technology and how it is best to let the affect be outside of the home so that we are more closer together as a “ family”. I would never understand what my mom meant but then slowly as the years have past I got to see her words into actions, in other family homes. Their lives, controlled by devices, therefore communication was easier over such devises then in real live conversations. I personally do find Licklider’s article prophetic of the reality we do live in, today. One of my patients yesterday arrived very late to her appointment and her explanation was “because I left my phone at home so I had to turn around and go get it because lord knows, I can not live without my phone”. People are more attached to technology today then ever. I believe that technology has reach deep down into our emotional stages, thus it controls our emotion. People everywhere reach out for their phone to avoid different situations so that they don’t have to deal with such issue or situation at hand. We rely more on our phones, computers, tablets, for communication then before because I think we are lazy and it is much more easier to do so since it’s a connivance to have such thing around. Intimacy has taken another directions with technology. Thanks to Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Facetime, and a lot of different other applications, you no longer need the presence of an actual human being to interact with them intimately. Lickliders predictions were accurate in the sense where those moving forward will relay on technology as its primary means of communication during professional settings. In a business meeting, conference calls joins people from all around the world in one setting. Licklider’s predictions about how the processes of supply and demand did place a price tag on such technological approaches of online communication, but then he introduced to us that over time the cost of communicating online would become cheaper. I still remember when you needed a telephone with dial up Internet to connect to the web; now living in this era, thanks to wireless connections and routers you can access the web much easier which then it will help you in your life. However Sherry Turkle, feels that same way about online communication, as my mom did. She tells us that the more we depend on technology, the more we isolate ourselves from the human interaction. She says that while studying human behavior through technology she has discovered that humans are heavily reliant on technology for communications, thus losing that personal connection which I also agree with. I agree with her in a many ways, because now-a-days, you have a lot of different social medias distracting you from that real connection of getting to know an individual for who they truly are. A person will be quick to pull out a profile of someone then to express such individual in words. Technological devices have our full attention, whenever we are in a room full of people, you see everyone on their phones instead of interaction with one another to echange ideas. I feel like there is so much technology at times that its is that some people are “dumb” down with it. I don’t know how many events I been to where I consistently have to tell everyone to engage in the conversation and get out of their phones. I recently am into FaceTiming anyone I am about to call (unless they are not an iphone user) and so many people have stated that they don’t use FaceTime, because it makes them feel uncomfortable they would rather text, this is mean that facial interaction while have a conversation with some is dying out of this era?

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