Week Three Post- Alyssa Jurcak-Anderson

3 Jun

The timeline to video games can be dated as far back as 1947. During that year the “great grand fathers” created a device that was known as Cathode Ray Amusement, first simulating the launch of missiles. In 1952, the invention of the first ever computer game came along in Cambridge but was never released outside of the area. The timeline for video game creation became easier when in 1958 Tennis For Two was created in less than three weeks and shortly following in 1961 Space War was written by the TMRC. This group of men were out of MIT and they also were known to be the “original hackers”. The last big year to the very start of this new industry would be 1972 when Magnavox Tv released Odyssey without color and confusion to the public on who this game was available to.

Taking a leap forward we look into video games with text. Hunt the Wumpus, was text based and supported by ARPAnet a non-commerical game. A man by the name of Willie Couther became the first to contract these video games, with that being a game called Adventure in 1972. A huge invention of multi player based games came along with MUD supported by Roy T. and Rich B, who each added to the game industry that went global.

Text led us to graphics and video games began to take off.  Mystery House, was both text and visual and sold for around twenty-five dollars a game. Though this game was only the start of visual graphics, the games grew and adapted to what people were wanting and seeing with the scripts. EA was a major contributor to the visual side of PC games but after so much work they fell off the loop. Once stated in lecture Sierra and Origin were very important to this expansion.

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