Week Six Kayley Frey

24 Jun

Copyright and intellectual property have changed with the development of the internet. The work that artists upload to the internet can virtually be distributed to any part of the world, for anyone to see and potentially use for their own personal reasons. The internet, according to the documentary, has become a “second mix tape” for copyrighting. Everyone can become a “creator” by taking pieces of other artists’ pieces. Internet piracy is a more common occurence, as piracy of the “streets” as stated in the documentary, is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

Ultimately, the Web has made the idea of copyright and intellectual property a little more complicated. It seems as if the internet has enabled copyright issues to become extremely easy to engage in. As stated above, media can be distributed far more quickly than ever before. The member of Girl Talk stated that using others work on the internet is sort of like helping them. Using parts of their work ultimately helps them in the long run. The producers of Good Copy, Bad Copy seem as if they find copyrights to be not extremely necessary. That is, it actually may be beneficial for some to be allowed to use pieces of others work. It helps expand the creativity and using different ideas, without completely stealing it, may be a positive factor.

The creativity of internet works has helped teens around the world learn about their past, as well as look into their future with the pieces thy are creating. They are passing and recycling ideas around the web and personally, this seems like something that could only benefit future creators. Piracy will always exist, however containing it and making it more challenging is something that could either benefit or hurt the world of internet copyright.


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  1. zeiglerr June 25, 2015 at 4:52 pm #


    I really liked your post as it was very similar to my own. You made some very good points about copyrighting and how it has changed. I like how you mentioned that the internet has contributed to copyrighting issues, even making it fairly easy to engage in. I completely agree with this! I think that without the internet, not only would it be very difficult to “steal” someone’s work but it would be include more complications with distribution as well. As far as the Good Copy, Bad Copy documentary, you concluded that you thought the producers found copyrighting laws to be unnecessary which I also agree with. The documentary in my opinion was very focused on explaining why they weren’t needed or how they could be different.

    At the end of your post, you mentioned how teens from all over the world, utilize the internet and other peoples work to learn about the future and ultimately create their own ideas. But what about the students who for example use other peoples work to pass as their own? Do you still feel the same?

  2. Jenn Arkens June 26, 2015 at 6:34 am #

    You did a great job answering the question and writing out this post, we wrote ours in a very similar way. The web has made this idea of copyright and intellectual property more complex to say the least.The rapid change and improvement in technology has made it very very hard to catch people who are involved with pirating and other illegal ways of getting stuff for free from the internet. I like how you said, ” It seems as if the internet has enabled copyright issues to become extremely easy to engage in.” because that is true, even a beginner user of the internet can come in and start pirating so easily. Then there is a difficult challenge with copyright and in the digital age it is to preserve the author and rights holder’s incentive to create new works, and use new technologies to dispense them to users and consumers, in the face of such a competitive threat from the illegal use of technology by infringers. It also involves making sure that beneficial uses of works are not being needlessly suppressed by a copyright system rendered inefficient by the advance of new technology. All together I really enjoyed your post !

  3. Tyler DeFrain June 26, 2015 at 10:11 am #

    I absolutely agree with everything that you said in your post, however I would have liked to see if you could have taken a stance on either side of if you thought the complications of copyright law and intellectual property would harm or help the internet and the material that falls under that category. I do think you hit the nail right on the head however when it came to Girl Talk and the producers of Good Copy Bad Copy. I think that they view the copyright and intellectual property laws as a barrier holding down the materials that people like to access. They view it as an art and an evolution of music, that people can make it better by adding to it and remixing it and then other people remixing remixes and so on. Just like a Wikipedia page. One person adds their bit of knowledge and then another person adds their bit of knowledge and so on until there is essentially a complete page full of information about the subject. Nice post!

  4. Jennifer Kim June 26, 2015 at 11:04 am #

    I really liked your post and it was well organized. It’s interesting to think that once you upload something onto the Internet, it can be seen by practically anyone around the world. This has definitely made it more difficult for copyright because it has become easier to take other people’s work off of the web.

    I think that the documentary shows an extreme version of a copyright case, just because it is about people who make a living off making mixtapes and such. It is impossible not to take other people’s work because they are mashing different songs together, and make it into their own work. And I agree with the producers because making mixtapes is a way to expand creativity in itself, and not everyone could do what they’re doing. Plus, in the documentary it showed that Girl Talk gave credit in his CD to the artists that he used the work for. I like how you ended your post as well and agree with it.

  5. brusha11 June 26, 2015 at 2:49 pm #

    Kayley, your post hit the head on the nail and I really like how you highlighted the main points. It has become extremely easy in today’s era of the internet to distribute media illegally or for people to create their own mixes using other people’s work. It has indeed made copyright issues more complicated because of all the loop holes that people use in order to distribute their worm to people anywhere in the world. Copyrights have definitely hindered creativity, so I like how mentioned that the producers of the documentary see them as unnecessary almost. I kind of agree, but to a certain standpoint. I believe that people should be allowed to make their own mixes from other music, but people should not be allowed to copy someones whole CD and sell it to make a profit. There are so many fine lines with copyright laws that it can be tricky.

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