Week Six Itinease Mcmiller

24 Jun

Based on the video and what I have noticed in this current age is that copyright as far as music has been more lenient or hard to control. I wouldn’t say so in other aspects related to copyright. The Internet has made it harder for lawmakers to regulate copyright. I think the concept of copyright when it comes to music will become nonexistent. I do believe that artist will collaborate with sites that distribute music for free so that they can protect their work. There maybe a new term that will replace “copyright.”

I know earlier this year Jay Z created a music streaming service called Tidal that involved other large hip hop artist. It’s much like what Peter Jenner said in good copy bad copy. His idea of blanket copyright, where he said 600 million people will pay $50 a year to get any music they want. Jay Z’s streaming service is similar. You have to subscribe to get the music and pay $10 dollars a month or $20 a month for the CD quality. Unfortunately this didn’t make much of a change or bring much profit into his company because there are other companies out there that are allowing fans to listen to music for free.

In the near future there maybe something that comes out that eliminates copyright and other web file sharing services


2 Responses to “Week Six Itinease Mcmiller”

  1. krckori June 25, 2015 at 8:58 pm #

    I think that you had a strong point. I could see where you were going with it, however, I feel as though you did not take it far enough. In your first sentence said that copyright in music has been more lenient or hard to control. I do not necessarily see how it can be both. You also did not talk about any other aspects of copyright law. Movies are pirated almost as much as music and downloads also contribute to the copyright problems. i feel like your argument would have been stronger if you had mentioned some of the issues copyright laws were facing. I also like how you tried to bring in something that relates more to today when you mentioned Jay Z’s streaming service called Tidal. However, the competition against his site was not the only reason why the company is failing. Unfortunately, now a days celebrities are slapping their names on things just to make money and most of the items and services that they are endorsing are not quality. Consumers are getting upset about this and speaking out against celebrities who do this. Another reason why Tidal is not taking off is because it was not advertised enough and no one really knows much about it, if they have even heard of it.
    All in all copyright is a big issue and there is not one clear answer to solve all the problems. I would have liked to see your opinion about the issue more. I also would have liked to see how all of the Ted Talks and the documentary, Good Copy Bad Copy, impacted your views and the issue.

  2. hughban2 June 27, 2015 at 3:21 pm #

    I really like how you expressed your opinions about copyrights in the future. I also believe that due to the internet it has been easier access to music without having to pay it. This as you stated, makes it harder to copyright music out of the hands of those who made it. People can download it and use it as they please. I’m not sure if I agree with copyright being nonexistent in the future, mainly because most artists are very protective over the music they personally create.

    I also like how you brought up the establishment of Tidal because I thought about the same thing when Peter Jenner brought it up in the video as well as Spotify. It’s kind of upsetting that Jay Z’s company didn’t profit as much as he wanted because it offers so a wide variety of music and great quality. It kind of goes to show how people would much rather get their music for free instead of paying even if it is a good deal.