Week One Post- Alyssa Jurcak-Anderson- Draft

21 May

Throughout the lectures notes and videos from this week we touched on key points that helped us understand the timeline in which the computer was invented. When taking a look back at the important points we see throughout the readings the explanation in which programs and systems evolved.  These devices all brought out something new to inventors and customers, we started with the large scale information processor that compute math. The next big step was the invention of a typewriter bringing around easier forms of writing and the telegrams making it easier to send information rather than the postal service.

IBM was a mechanical system that processed data found by H.H. We then followed up with Leslie John that was a key contributor to computers and their start up. During World War II we saw a big break out in science and the invention of systems.  Though John Marchly purposed the computer we learned that Lady Lovelace and Charles Babbage worked hand in hand with math and his scientific advancements to forward and invented the first computer. Her death brought out a pause to that and with IBM, NCR, AT&T and RCA we came together and made the piece of technology that many use today for multiple purposes. The published notes of Lovelace and the century they were ahead of us in the states when it came to this, we were able to read and compound things together for an invention. The growing size in computer through the 20th century is on a rise. The graphing chart for this would only be going up. Looking at what people use computers for today, we see emails sent, word programs for writing, excel for documenting, power points for presentations, internet for web browsing. The expansion of what these devices will do in the years to come will be crazy. Our world will be run by them.

7 Responses to “Week One Post- Alyssa Jurcak-Anderson- Draft”

  1. Drake Saarinen May 23, 2015 at 10:26 am #

    I agree that the advancement of computers was something that had many different stages. I see that you mostly focused on the digital computers and their advancements to becoming more like modern computers. I do think that there were some important steps prior to the ones you wrote about that are worth mentioning. Namely devices such as the Jacquard loom, and the speeding clock, although they were not “Modern computers” I think it is worth mentioning their great importance to the development and implementation of programmable machines to lessen the burden of tedious work. Other than that I agree with you. I like how you mentioned how important WWII was to the development of computers, and how post WWII there was somewhat of a boom to their development as well as an increase to their size and power. No to mention that around this time was when there were companies that were popping up just to make then and advance them.

  2. Quishanna Coleman May 23, 2015 at 11:25 am #

    I really appreciate how you were sure to include Ada Lovelace and her contributions to your list of important people. When thinking of the contributors for the digital computer I cannot believe that she did not pop into my mind. Not only was she amazing in her era, but she was so ahead of her time that programmers can still look to her work for insight and inspiration. Babbage and Lovelace were at least one century ahead of their time and I believe that they knew it. Which could possibly be the reason that Babbage left a note in one of his books stating that he knew that someone would pick up where he left off once the technology needed existed. If it weren’t for the early passing of Lovelace I can only image how far both she and Babbage could have gone with their discoveries and inventions; though they were in a technologically limited time.

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