Week 6 – Radiance Zeigler

24 Jun

The web has completely changed the idea of copyright and intellectual property over the years, making it completely different from the when the web first began being used by the general population. Copyrighting laws were a big wake up call from not only the music industry but book and movie industries as well. But what is the purpose? When things are copyrighted, it protects the person creating the content from someone competing with them and selling the same content. When copyrighting laws first came into play, many people didn’t agree with them. They said as long as it protected the creator from people making money off the product, it should still be allowed to use for free. Lawrence Lessig talked about how these laws are strangling creativity. He agrees with the laws protection from the commercial use of others content but he stated that “remix is not piracy” but taking songs for example and remixing to make it different is creativity.

The web will definitely destroy the concept of copy right and intellectual property all together and I think that it already has. Software such as Linux for example has made this possible. Most people, including myself, doesn’t know about Linux but we utilize it everyday. What makes Linux so different is that it is built collaboratively by different companies and different developers. I think major advancements in the web has allowed piracy to even occur. Hundreds and thousands of movies, music, videos, etc are pirated every single day. That suggests that copyright laws are already diminished.

The Girl Talk and prodcucers of Good Copy, Bad Copy, in my opinion believe that copyright laws should be improved. A lot of the people they interviewed expressed how copyright laws need to be more open. They gave an example of a DJ named Danger Mouse and how he remix songs from both Jay-Z and the beatles, ultimately creating one of the most popular albums of 2005. It was explained how because no one made a dime off of it, it shouldn’t be a crime.

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  1. dallasm1 June 25, 2015 at 10:02 am #

    I agree that the development of the web has allowed piracy to occur and reach the high level it is today. Also, over time I think will completely destroy copyright and intellectual property rights which will hurt the original owners and their content. Some of the points that was brought up in the Good Copy, Bad Copy we’re interesting. One of them you mentioned, the opening up the laws. If a person isn’t making a profit, then it shouldn’t be a crime. This point was brought up in some of the other videos. But I liked your post overall.

  2. Kyle Mulvany June 25, 2015 at 1:26 pm #

    I really like your post here. I think the copyright and intellectual property laws are put in place to protect the original producers of the products. However, as you mentioned these laws are very outdated and are being pushed over by the accessibility of the products on the web. This is evidenced by the astronomical number of pirated copies of products that occur each day on the web.
    A majority of the problem is what the laws consider pirating. For individuals, thoughts on what is considered pirating can change from person to person. Some people may see remixing as you mentioned as a crime, while others see it as art or creativity. In the end, it comes down to who makes money off the product. While many remixes don’t earn money for the DJ, it makes the original artist’s songs somewhat available to the public without having them earn any money off the new product.

  3. ghannamt June 25, 2015 at 9:40 pm #

    I really like your post this week. I think its very important to realize exactly how evolved the web has become and how easy it is to find access to almost anything you could ever want. I strongly agree with the fact that copyright laws are on their way out, if not already completely gone. Its not virtually impossible to protect someone’s intellectual property once its become accessible on the web. I also liked the examples you gave from the documentary. There were a lot of good points made in the documentary, but i think you got the general idea of them. Overall you did a really good job answering this weeks prompt!

  4. Brittney Smith June 26, 2015 at 10:11 am #

    I enjoyed reading your post and fell your viewpoints were clear and your post was very well written. I absolutely agree that with the advancement of the web, piracy is made easier and expand to the high level it has reached today. By evoking the Web, we are also opening up new doors and allowing almost anything to be reachable. I strongly agree with your idea that copyright and intellectual property rights will be a thing of the past. I also support your example of Linux and that even though people don’t understand the software it is still being used daily. Overall, copyright laws need to find a happy medium for the public and the people producing the content or at the very least enforced.

    • jurcakan June 26, 2015 at 12:50 pm #

      I really enjoyed your post from this week about copyright. The points you made were similar to my agreements about this weeks questions, I feel that you made a very clear progression throughout on the matter. Advancements in web and internet are bringing on this whole new sense to copyright- which I completely agree you touched on as well. For example, many pages are drawing the attention of the audience in like Wikipedia and old information is being attached and reviewed with new information to make it even better. I don’t think here that anyone is doing harm by doing this, it is only allowing for more growth and opinions on matters and issues. Saying this I do get like you said in your post why copyright will no longer be a thing in the near future, development and great minds thinking alike will change this behavior. Quoted in one of the lecture videos from this week which I’m sure you agree with- putting all these laws on things like copyrighting to music doesn’t allow for peace and fun of other artist. Girl Talk being one of them where an artist takes and makes adaptions to songs for fun BUT never is trying to take credit away from the original artist, just giving some growth and expansion to his/her music. Overall, I agree with all your comments about this weeks assignment- you discussed the issues and ways of handling them in the future perfectly!

  5. bellamir June 27, 2015 at 10:51 am #

    Hello Radiance,
    You have structured a very detailed post that covered the basics of this weeks required lecture videos. I would also like to mention I loved the way you incorporated a question and answered it, that’s a real attention grabber! I agree with you when you stated that the web has changed the idea of copyright from when the web was first introduced to the general public. You are right when you stated Linux is a tool that is used by us and our fellow peers everyday. It’s amazing how much we learned from this weeks videos that I had no clue of. The web is continuously evolving daily with features to protect others work but things are still being pirated (movies, videos, music). An example would be when people go the movies and record the movie then sales it on the street for profit. So as you mentioned, yes, in fact this example does show that copyright laws are already diminished.

  6. Myeshia Cole June 28, 2015 at 5:06 pm #

    I like the view that you took from the material, you certainly have a good understanding of it. Your blog was detailed and very well informed. It was not biased by personal feelings and took a neutral approach. It said just enough without overdoing it with too many facts. It grasps the reader’s attention and held it until the end of the blog. It was concise and clear, without the reader struggling to comprehend what you were trying to say. All of the questions being asked were somehow incorporated into your response and that was great. I loved your post. Great job.

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