Week 6 post Tamika Lofton

24 Jun

o What has the web done to the idea of copyright & intellectual property? Has it made it more complicated? Simpler? Will the web offer new opportunities for copyright holders? Or will the web destroy the concept of copyright & intellectual property altogether? What do you think both Girl Talk and the producers of Good Copy, Bad Copy believe? You must draw on the required videos for the week in your response.

I would like to add a personal opinion to this before using the information from the videos but I feel the web has gotten thing more under control there are more security locks on sites and detections. To me it’s almost like the web has created a protection similar to like how a virus protection would work which does make things more complicated for copyrighters. The video explained that the idea of copyright & intellectual property protects the original creator, copyrighters can be sued for copying someone else’s music/creations regardless if it’s just 2 seconds to certain parts of their beats or whatever their idea was. Also stated in the video was that you have to protect the creator rights, they would not make music if they could not be protected. The internet has allowed this to happen at first since it was so easy to share and download music but now it seems like the internet has made copyright and intellectual property more complicated it’s being watched more and people are looking for it and punishment is being given out to those who commit this crime. Law enforcement really buckled down on the pirate bay group and caught up with them for stealing the original creator’s product. I would not say it is simpler now because it can be tracked back to the computer that downloaded the file, I have experienced that personally.

From the video Good Copy Bad Copy, it seemed as if they will have opportunities still available for copyright holders, the web will not destroy the concept of copyright & intellectual property altogether. It is always ways around web protection to download music which this documentary showed, but for those who have permission to make copies it might affect the original creator because it can become available to someone else. Copyright will always exist but the consequences are in place for those who commit that crime which stops some from filesharing, downloading and linked data.

Girl Talk stated that he felt like nothing was wrong even though he was sampling artist music but as long as he gave them credit on his album page things were ok, no harm was done. He also brought up a good point that I thought was good which was it is impossible to pay for every sample that an artist do especially with the legal aspect it would end of costing more than its actual worth and he also stated that it could take years. To me it seemed like Girl Talk and the other artist felt like no harm was being done and that they was doing a good thing giving people good music and blending the music so people were able to get a feel of other culture music mixed together.


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  1. Diba Mohammadullah June 27, 2015 at 1:32 pm #

    I enjoyed your post in the sense of how simply you put everything together. I agree with you that laws are placed upon the wrong doings and that copyrights will effect the original creator therefore people beone in the 21st Centery are having access to things therefore they understand their consequences as well that come along their actions. People elaborating more on music can be beneficial to the public therefore there should not be any laws place upon such acts to stop such doing because in the end that act can be a “smash hit”. The original creator should always receive credit for their work but collaborating a new genera of art should be freely expressed.

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