Week 6 – LaMicah Hughbanks

24 Jun

Back in 2003, DJ Danger Mouse created The Grey album that was a sampling mix of Jay Z’s black album, and The Beatles The White album. He ended up sending the mix to a group of his friends for their opinions, but his friends posted it on the Internet, which is when it went viral. The mix turned out to be a huge hit, but made many music companies angry because it was illegal to use music one hadn’t licensed. As technology became to immerse, it made it more and more difficult to sustain the idea of the copyright and intellectual property outside of the United States. The web allowed people to download music for free across the world causing it to be simpler for fans, but more complicated for music companies. For the most part, the web destroyed the concept of copyrighting and the intellectual property because in the documentary it stated that over the past six years the music industry has lost about seven million dollars. Many now have the opportunity to download music for free leaving music companies to cut jobs and some to go out of business. The best thing to do, as many suggested in the documentary, would be for the music industry to rethink how they do business.

Girl Talk brought up some important points such as how you can create a lot of different music when using the music created by other artists. He mentioned that by passing ideas down teaches history and once you add your own flavor to the music you get the chance to spread your musical ideas as well as grow as an artist. I think the producers of Good Copy, Bad Copy believe that using others music is a way of understanding the world, being creative and allows the youth to be artistic in their own way.

One Response to “Week 6 – LaMicah Hughbanks”

  1. mcmil115 June 26, 2015 at 8:41 am #

    I like how you came to a conclusion that the copyright has already been destroyed after watching the documentary, and had reasoning to back it up. I do think that the about of money lost is important to mention but I don’t think copyright is destroyed because of that. Even though musician’s profits have decreased I do believe copyright does still exist and is enforced, but because it is so easy to disobey it I think there will be changed made to what copyright is.

    I also like how you talked about both videos. I think one of the most import points discussed in Girl Talk is how it teaches history. If people don’t sample or remix music from the 80’ or other time periods people that were born in the 2000’s will never know anything about those artist or the style of music at that time.

    I wouldn’t say that the producers of Good Copy, Bad Copy believe anything in particular. I think they were trying to bring awareness to the issue of copyright and show how it is viewed differently by everyone. There are those that feel it should be changed and those law makers that feel it should be more strictly enforced