Week 6 Jennifer Kim

24 Jun

The web has increased the idea of copyright & intellectual property because of how easy it is now to take other people’s work. It has definitely made it more complicated in the way that, it is easier to tell if someone has copied someone else’s work because of the great amount of people using the web. But in the same way, it has also made it simpler for the people copying the work because it can be done through downloading a video off of YouTube or other sharing websites. But as Lawrence Lessig said in the Ted Talk video, YouTube and other domains is a way for “amateurs” to collaborate and they’re doing work for the love of it instead of the money they would earn from it. I do not think that the web will destroy the idea of copyright & intellectual property, but the people that do not give credit for their work (to other sources they may have used) are definitely making it more tough to not get rid of the concept of copyright.

I think that both Girl Talk and the producers of Good Copy, Bad Copy believe that copyright is not necessary because using people’s works would help others develop a passion and create their own work (plus they give the other people credit for their work) BUT the law makes it practically impossible with the way it is structured. The producers, also, may believe that it has constricted creativity because copyright has become so expansive and powerful, but some experts do believe it is necessary through this digital age.

2 Responses to “Week 6 Jennifer Kim”

  1. woolseyc June 26, 2015 at 11:31 am #

    I like the way that you talk about how people are making this more for the love of it then for gain. I know for me I love to draw, and so i used to love to go to sites where they would just have a lot of photos, where you would have a photographer setting up and taking a lovely photo of a mode. I then would take that and draw or paint that image. A lot of times I would try to reach out to the original artist to see if it was okay that I used that image. For the most part no one got back with me, so I did not put up any of my art. I was never trying to sell anything I did, I did it because I love to paint. But in a way I was taking someone work. The lines get blurred when people do turn it into a monetary gain.

    With relation to Girl Talk, I totally agree. I think that the producers are all about the creative side of the internet, and if we tried to call out anyone who uses anything that isn’t theirs we lose that sense of creativity. When it comes to actual pirates that are taking these things are they are using it for money, then I think it does get into a different category. For the people that support themselves by what they make, if it is being taken and spread for free, then how are they supposed to continue to create? That is where there is a a potential problem

  2. mackoold June 26, 2015 at 3:16 pm #

    Your insight on the artistic aspect of copyright is really interesting. It adds the level of hand painted versions, because although it is the same subject the painted version most likely has an entirely different tone that comes across. I’ve commisioned artists before and the legality of their paintings of copyrighted characters definitely has several odd parts to how they need to profit off of it. I also agree with your point about girl talk, there is a problem when the sole source of income is stolen from these artists and can make their life extremely difficult