Week 6: Drake Saarinen

24 Jun

For this week we are required to talk about copy rights and intellectual property and how the web has effected these aspects of ownership. For one I think that the web has made copy rights allot more complicated. I say this because people can easily steal other peoples works and re brand them as their own. There are loop holes in the copy rights laws on the web that people can use to make money or other monitory grains from other peoples works. Plus when it comes to the web it is all reaching any one with a computer and an internet connection can hook up. this makes copy rights complicated because many countries do not have the same copy right laws as here in the US so it makes controlling works almost impossible.

When it comes to Good Copy Bad Copyright, they explain that many countries have different copy right laws. Take Nigeria for example they have no copyright law, yet they produce a very large amount of movies per year and there seems to be no problems with the stealing on intellectual works. It also mentions that Napster was killing the Music industry because there is no way for markets to compete with something that is completely  free. As far as girl talk I think that they see the internet and the web as a way for armature creators to be able to get their content to as many people as possible in a far easier fashion than the pre internet era.

So when it comes to copy right and intellectual property it is important to note that the internet makes it allot easier for anyone to produce content and distribute it. On the other side of the coin there is the fact that it is a lot easier for someone to steal this content. In conclusion I believe that the Web and Web 2.0 are a double edge sword when it comes to content creators. I also believe that down the road there will be better copy right protections for creators as technology becomes better.

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  1. woolseyc June 26, 2015 at 11:10 am #

    I agree that things have gotten more complicated, the internet makes it much easier to take someones creation and try to make it your own. One thought that comes to mind that was big this year, was how Taylor Swift tried to copyright a lot of phrases from her new album to stop people on places like Etsy from using those on items for their own monetary gain. And for the most part it worked, those people had to find new things to sell. At the time however it seemed ridiculous to some that she was getting the copyright for such simple phrases, even for a year. “1989” is now owned by Taylor Swift. But that is what this has become.

    As far as Girl Talk is concerned I feel like he sees the internet as more than just a way of sharing, but as a way of creating. He talked about how he has a lot of records, but they are all spread around, and so sometimes it is easier to jet rip a song from the internet for him to use in his mixes. And even the remix from Brazil, without the internet he wouldn’t have gotten that to do a remix of the remix. For him it is about the creation of something new.

  2. Michael Avesian June 26, 2015 at 1:17 pm #

    Great points you bring up Drake. I completely agree with your conclusion that the web is a double edge sword when it comes to content creators. While the web allows for people to research and find virtually anything they want, it makes it very hard to control copyrights. Anything someone finds on the web, they can change around and claim it as their own. In regards to Girl Talk, music producers can take pieces from copyrighted music and use it in their songs. I agree that these days it is hard to see what belongs to who. You bring up other countries, such as Nigeria, having no copyright laws and no issues with stealing other peoples works. I wonder if we took away our copyright laws if we too would get rid of the problem of people calming others work as theirs. The web definitely makes it easier for people to produce and distribute content, but it makes it hard to determine whose work belongs to who.

  3. loftonta June 26, 2015 at 9:57 pm #

    I would first like to say I think your post is great. I definitely agree with you about the internet being more complicated and copyright and using someone else’s intellectual property is more complicated to take from the internet. I agree with what you are saying and disagree. I agree that it is definitely easy for people to steal music from online and other things to make them into their own, but I think some of that is more under control now. I say that because of the consequences that comes from copyrighting someone’s creation. I personally have experienced that side of things from downloading movies thinking nobody would catch it and it did get caught. With things being shared from computers and through routers are why I think things are more complicated because it easier to get caught. From the video Good Copy Bad Copy definitely expressed how a lot of places are not as strict as the U.S on copyright but I think if they were copyright could decrease. Yeah seeing how the Nigerians were able to do what they want with things that did not sell was a big shocker to me because I never knew copyright was so easy and being overlooked like that. I do agree with you on the statement that came from the video on how it is hard to compete with something that is free. I think one way to get around that is simply by doing what one of the guys stated in the video which was branding property and also it should be a way the artist get paid when their material is used is what I think. Girl talk made a lot of good points to me in the video about the realistic of how that process would work to pay every artist whose song is getting sampled. The documentary made a lot of good points and informed me of things I did not even know about copyright in other places outside the U.S. I agree with your last paragraph it is easy still to steal original material from the original creators and distribute it but it is also easy to get caught.

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