Week 5, Kori Krc

17 Jun

Licklider’s article was prophetic of the reality we live in today in the way that he predicted that computers would become a part of the communication process. He states at the beginning of the piece, “men will be able to communicate more effectively through a machine than face to face”. In some ways this is true because it has helped so many people with so many things, from inventions to conferences. However, with technology advancing, society begins to abuse it for what it is, which is where we can kind of look at with Sherry Turkle’s argument, more on that later.

Licklider gets into the discussion of the cost of computing and its effects on how we interact socially. He talks about how certain things cost a large amount of money to produce and the cost of transmission being one of them. Its all about supply and demand and with something so new, you basically have to hope that the market is demanding the supply or else the cost of production is not worth it.

In Sherry Turkle’s speech, she really focuses on how society is abusing technology. She even goes as far as to say “we have technology that enables distraction from what we care about”. While Licklider starts his argument by saying, “society demands consensus, agreement” which is kind of what Turkle is at. She drills in the thought that we have developed into a world where we are constantly lonely and by always being connected to others through social media, text messaging, etc. We are unable to be alone and be successful on our own. Both Licklider and Turkle want to believe that computers and technology will help society, which is what they were built to do. They both continue to go on to suggest that they are not the sole savior of communication. Licklider states “the computer alone can make no contribution to help us…can only do a little more than suggest direction” which was exactly the point of Turkle. However, she stated her opinion in the form that they were taking over our lives and that we should really start looking about how we connect with people when we try to communicate. Both show that computers help us communicate through great lengths, however it will not help us connect with one another, they can only assist.

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  1. zeiglerr June 18, 2015 at 5:47 pm #

    Hi Kori,

    I really enjoyed reading your post. I think you tied in a lot a good points and included some ideas, both from Licklider and Turkle, that I didn’t even think to include. I like how you included Turkle’s comment on how technology tends to distract us from things, even the ones we care about most. I think this is an important piece that really portrays Turkle’s views about technology and society. I like how you at the end you bring together the views from both Licklider and Turkle and say that even though computers and technology has helped us a lot, it will not completely help us connect with one another. It can just assist.

    In your post, you made it clear that Turkle doesn’t really agree with how society utilizes technology nowadays. You mentioned a little about Licklider and how he describes and see’s computer and technology but what do you think his views about them would be if he was alive to experience what techonology is like today? Do you think that he would agree with Turkle and say that society abuses it or would disagree