Week 5 Kayley Frey

17 Jun

Technology is a huge part of modern day life. People have become so adjusted to do everything on their phones or laptops that real human communication is starting to be less popular with each passing generation. Through his article, J.C.R. Licklider predicted the future of technology, while Sherry Turkle shared her own opinions about the current techonology age. Both were very informative and surprising to hear, due to the accuracy of the information being shared.

Licklider’s article was surprisingly accurate in terms of his predictions. Even within the first sentence of the article, he basically described the mindset of a whole generation. “In a few years, men will be able to communicate more effectively through a machine than face to face” is the sentence which his prediction was the most accurate. Today, Americans would rather send an email rather than meet face to face (also mentioned by Sherry Turkle in the podcast). Licklider also states in his article that people will seldom make phones call and instead they will connect through their different networks. This is not entirely true, as many people still find phone calls to be a quicker way to get a message to someone. The cost of computing, according to Licklider, is a little less than $11 just for the technical components. Socially, Licklider explains that the use of these systems for communication would be efficient.

Sherry Turkle’s podcast was largely based on the idea that technology has made recent generations somewhat “lazy.” She hints to this a lot, explaining how many people would rather use technology to communicate rather than communicating face to face. In the beginning of the podcast, she stated explained that many people wish to bail out of their everyday reality and go to these “other places” (meaning technology devices). Turkle would mostly agree with Licklider’s article because for the most part, his predictions are on point. Turkle also believes that technology gives people more control over time and emotional exposure which was a great point. Now more than ever, people are so into their technology and sometimes neglect the most important aspects of their lives.


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  1. krckori June 18, 2015 at 7:44 pm #

    I like your take on what both Licklider and Turtle argued in their pieces. However, when you mentioned that Licklider stated that people will seldom make phone calls and connect through other channels, this is true but mostly because his article was based around computers and the help that they can offer society. He also made many other statements and predictions that were not mentioned in your post. His article was based around how computers and technology were meant to help society communicate, although he does mention that it is not the solution to the problem. You then go on to talk about how Sherry Turkle’s speech was based on the idea that technology has made recent generations “lazy”, however, I found that it was based, not on the laziness of current-future generations, rather than it was about how we are so constantly connected to everyone that we aren’t able to be alone or face our own problems without feeling lonely or in constant need of reassurance of our actions. I also feel that Turkle and Licklider were not so far apart in their views. They both mention that technology is here to help us but it should not be the sole instrument in communication. I feel as though your post would have been stronger had you compared the two a bit more.