Week 5-Amira Bell

17 Jun

The difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web is explained a lot throughout the material this week. Narrowing it down in my own words the internet to my knowledge is what connects one computer to another. The web is what we surf while using the internet. The web needs the internet in order to function because the web is only the information we retrieve while using the internet if we want to. There was many different contributor’s to the internet being made some people stood out and one of them was J.C.R. Licklider. Licklider took what was already made and expanded the speed of the data by connecting more computer systems together. This is a big deal because with being able to transfer data quickly you could communicate with more than one computer at once.
The future of the internet according to the text sees the computer as being one of the best communication devices in the future and even now. During the audio lecture from Professor Sherry Turkle she stated that the internet could possibly take over some people’s lives. Computers and internet access has already reached height’s that people decades ago couldn’t imagine. From other reading I found that one of the future projects of technology that is being developed in Tsukuba University is a robot that responds to movement or mimic his motions.
Yes I found Licklider’s article prophetic of our today lives because not only does he mention robots people actually are making robots today. People are trying to find more and more ways to bring technology to the world in ways that will change things. Licklider mentioned that you would be able to still be at home and speak to others through a machine. Licklider’s discussion of cost was an expensive one for the past it was estimates of $16/hr. if your personal file were used 160/hrs. a month. The discussion made the price of charging $16/hr. more expensive than just taking air and taxi fares and only spending $64 for 8/hrs. worth a travel. The discussion ended with saying $16/hr. is too expensive. The process of using internet is quicker but has more costs if added bill. Both the article and the podcast made some similar points about how the internet is a very useful thing and it connects people all around the world but Licklider stated the internet would be also invented for the positive contribution to the discovery of arousal and interest while Professor Turkle talks about how the internet is used for good and bad within the social world. Professor Turkle has seen the change in technology so she is able to see what became of the computer and its uses from what Licklider only predicted and seen from what was in his present.

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  1. Kyle Mulvany June 18, 2015 at 2:27 pm #

    Amira, your post nailed all the points of this week’s topic! Licklider had very progressive thinking during his time working on the technology. He envisioned what the internet and Web would become today as the most integral part of worldwide communication. At the time, there weren’t enough resources to make computer communication completely affordable for everyone, but he explained how in the future, as more resources and people contributed to the technology, it would lower the cost of computer communication to become more affordable for everyone.
    I also like how you mentioned Turkle’s thoughts on how computer communication has almost come too far and take over some people’s lives. I do believe that for some people it is much easier to communicate via the Web, and causes them to lose face to face communication skills. In many ways, the Web has become everything that Licklider envisioned, but also has become even more. The Web can be a key communication tool, but also have a downfall for some people that rely solely upon it.

  2. casti103 June 18, 2015 at 4:11 pm #

    Overall I agree with your points, but I think it is important to note that while LIcklider was very progressive in his predictions of the future, he didn’t grasp (and I mean who would) just how the internet has affected everybody’s lives, and how humans are so connected to it now. It is amazing how Licklider was able to visualize how computers could connect the world.

  3. Michael Avesian June 18, 2015 at 5:57 pm #

    Great post Amira, you bring up some valid points. With the points Licklider made about the future of technology and communication, he was prophetic of our lives today. I agree with your statement about how the World Wide Web needs the internet and vice versa. I also agree that Licklider and Turkle had fairly similar views. While Licklider made his predictions on the future of computing, Turkle was able to reflect on a computer generation she has seen firsthand. Licklider was able to make predictions based on what he thought would be true of computing (ex.) the cost would come down). Turkle looked at many points that Licklider did, but also touched on a negative side of technology. Turkle was able to talk about computers taking over people’s lives, texting ruling over talking in person, and an overall generation expecting immediate answers. So to sum it up, I do agree that Licklider made great predictions and Turkle made inferences based on what she has actually seen. I find it very interesting when you state internet access has already reached heights that people decades ago couldn’t imagine. This makes me think, where will our technology and computers be a decade from now?

  4. Jenn Arkens June 19, 2015 at 7:25 am #

    You did a really well job of covering all the points that needed to be wrote about from the lecture. The guy first responsible for launching the internet is J.C.R. Licklider who established the MIT Lincoln laboratory and founded a psychology program for engineering students. This was to help engineering students understand computer and computer use. Licklider took what was already made and expanded the speed of the data by connecting more computer systems together. You are completely correct in saying this is a big deal because with being able to transfer data quickly made it possible so you could communicate with more than one computer at once.
    You also stated that during the audio lecture from Professor Sherry Turkle she stated that the internet could possibly take over some people’s lives. This is completely true and is only going to get worse as times are changing. During this class we already have read, heard, and examined the rapid change in technology in the world today. The internet consumes peoples lives because it is so fascinating and full of endless information. There is no doubt that things will only become more and more advanced in the future.

  5. Myeshia Cole June 19, 2015 at 10:08 am #

    I thought that your post was very informative. You hit on a lot of very important facts from the reading while writing your post. I like how you looked at Licklider and a bit of Turkle’s point of view. With that being said, it would have been nice to see you compare and contrast Licklider’s and Turkle’s points just a tad bit more. While I see much of what Licklider thought about the subject, I only see a slight mention of what Sherry Turkle thought. it also would have been nice to read how you personally felt about Licklider’s predictions and Turkle’s feelings. Despite these things your post managed to be both informative and well written. Good job.

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