Weekly Posts


Be sure to read the rubric for the Weekly Posts here.


  • When and where do the lecture and the readings identify origins of the computer and what sort of tasks did these analog computation devices perform? Who pioneered the important steps towards digital computing? Provide two examples of pioneers and justify why you think they are important. Explain both the growing size of computers and the growing uses for them into the 20th century.


  • The intellectual leap from thinking about computers as huge monstrosities that filled government offices or major corporations to thinking about computers as something that the average person could own (and which could fit on a desk) is a big one. Drawing on the lecture and reading, identify both the changes in technology and mental perceptions about computers that enabled this leap.


  • Identify the most important aspects of early computer culture that influenced the development of early games. How did the aspects that you identified continue to manifest themselves in the evolution of the gaming industry? Your response should mention technology, social perceptions, and changes in consumption and commercialization.



  • Do you find Licklider’s article prophetic of the reality we live in today? Where are his predictions correct and where are they wrong? Specifically, what do you think of his discussion of the cost of computing and its effects on how we interact socially? What would LSE speaker Sherry Turkle have to say about the points made by Licklider? Reflect on and compare the podcast and article.


  • What has the web done to the idea of copyright & intellectual property?  Has it made it more complicated?  Simpler?  Will the web offer new opportunities for copyright holders?  Or will the web destroy the concept of copyright & intellectual property altogether? What do you think both Girl Talk and the producers of Good Copy, Bad Copy believe? You must draw on the required videos for the week in your response.