Pick one of the articles below from the site and answer the four questions below for each article in 700 words. You *WILL NOT* turn this assignment in via the course blog. Instead, you will be drafting a wiki article. You can find the full instructions for doing this in the Week 4 Intro Video.

1) Conduct some web research (e.g. Wikipedia) on the game mentioned in the article and give a brief (~100 word) summary of the game’s development, content, and why it was popular.
2) In your own words, summarize the topic of the article and identify the author’s main argument.
3) How does the author demonstrate the social, cultural, or political importance of the game(s) they discuss in the article?
4) Read all of the comments and any links in the comments carefully. Did this post generate any debate? Do you agree with the author’s opinion? If you have played the game(s), reflect on your own experience. 

Past Time: Re-Encountering Everquest – Emily Bembeneck

Seeing Like SimCity – Rob MacDougall

Games as Historical Scholarship – Trevor Owens

The Microhistory of EVE Online – David R. Hussey

Zelda’s Historians: Canonizing Fictional Chronologies – David R. Hussey

Guns, Germs and Horses: Cultural Exchange in Sid Meier’s Colonization – Rebecca Mir

Playing at Slavery: Modding Civilization for Authenticity – Rebecca Mir

if (!isNative()){return false;}: De-People-ing Native Peoples in Sid Meier’s Colonization – Trevor Owens (be sure to read the first first in his series that he references)

Simulating Detroit: A City With Cars and Crime but No Races – Mark Sample

Anthropology of Social Behavior in Bioshock – Katy Meyers