While all tasks will be graded on a point scale (7/10) and the running tally of the semester grade on Desire2Learn will be displayed as a percentage which will then be converted to a 4.0 scale with the following criteria:
4.0                   92-100%                                             3.5                   86-91
3.0                   80-85                                                   2.5                   74-79
2.0                   68-73                                                   1.5                   62-67
1.0                   57-61                                                   0.0                   0-56

Late work is not accepted.

Weekly Posts (5 posts graded 0/10, worth 50% of your grade) – throughout the semester, students will be required to post at least 6 entries (1/week) to the course blog.  Each post needs to be at least 250 words, and in response to a specific question (check the Weekly Posts section of the site for each week’s question).  In addition to the posts, students are expected to write a comment of at least 150 words on one post made by their fellow students.  These comments should not be a summary of the post, but should instead engage in a thoughtful analysis of the arguments and analysis presented in the post. The due dates for the Blog Entries/Responses are located on the course Schedule page. Students must complete both that week’s entry and response in order to get credit for the task.  If students meet all of the requirements for the task (due date, length requirement, required question), the blog post will be graded out of ten points.  If students don’t meet all of the requirements, they will not receive credit at all. Please find the rubric here.

Wiki Entries (2 posts graded 0/10, worth 50% of your grade): Throughout the semester, students will be expected to make two entries into the class Wiki. For more information on how to post to the class wiki, check out the handy dandy tutorials in the videos page. Each of the two entries has a specific set of instructions and its own rubric, check out the schedule page for details.


HST250 has a lot of writing tasks.  When completing their formal writing tasks (wiki entries & wiki article), students MUST use parenthetical citations with a works cited page. I do not want you to lose sleep over your the style of your citations. HOWEVER, I do want you to lose sleep over plagiarism. Students MUST clearly demonstrate where information is coming from and cite any work that is not their own.