Quishanna – “Copyright”

24 Jun

The web has completely altered the way we view copyright and intellectual property. The web as we see it today is completely made up of unoriginal ideas. By this I mean that our web is filled with shared data; whether that data is music, pictures, videos, or even a quote. Today’s youth recycles old creative sources and puts a spin on it to express more of who we are and what we are interested in. Because of this new phenomenon, any person that makes a song mash-up or song cover is basically seen as a “pirate” in the eyes of the law rather than an innovator that took something old and transformed it into something that was never imagined before. This new widespread culture of sharing and downloading rather than buying calls for a change in the laws of copyright and intellectual property just as the emergence of the airplane called for a change in the laws of land ownership (Lawrence Lessig, 2007). The new ideas for how to handle copyright will not eliminate it entirely but it will adjust it so that it fits in today’s world. One of the ideas presented in Good Copy, Bad Copy was that consumers be allowed to have access to any and all music that they wish as long as they pay a monthly or annual fee through their phone companies. This way people still have access to the things that they originally had to illegally download but copyright holders will be financially compensated through the fees.

I believe that Girl Talk and the producers of Good Copy, Bad Copy believe that the new sharing culture is not a crime but rather a misunderstood form of self-expression. Both are hopeful that policies will change in a way that allows individuals to “sample” numerous sources without fear of being sued. Many of the people presented in this week’s videos (Lawrence Lessing and Jimmy Wales included) see the need for a change in our current policies in order for them to be more accommodating to web culture as we see it today.

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