Post 5 Diba Mohammadullah

24 Jun

This weeks material brought back a lot of memories of my childhood. Growing up, media was not as available to our village as it was for other places in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but because my parents were educated they did everything in their power to provide us with images of what the world outside of our surroundings look like. Every Saturday we would rent a TV and a VCR, and watched things that had been edited for us about the American culture. Therefore I grew up with that same image of America, until I arrived here, and experienced this world which made me see that the edited version was somewhat the same of that I was introduced back home. Watching Good Copy, Bad Copy, and the other informative videos about copyrights, gives us the insight about our surroundings and how the web can manage individualism and creativity. Throughout this class we have learned, how many came together to form the technology that we know of today. This was done without any restrictions being places on the formation of technological devices, equaling to the most innovative things that we know in today’s ears. Then why place restrictions on people’s creativity? The web and copyrights should go as far as how plagiarism is expressed to us throughout our lives in school. Letting us form the masterpiece with the citations of other peoples work yet creating our own “spin” on things. “Copyright laws are expansive and they inhibit creativity”, is how it was expressing in the video, yet we see so many people, hacker; trying to present their art to us via the web, motivating the future generation. We just have to wait and see who will be next to change the course of the World Wide Web and copyright laws, which, as we know, will not remain for long. In my country people are to sing the original songs with their “spin” on the song and don’t care to worry about the copyright issue via the web but rather the quality of the music. I also remember about a month or so ago how Marvin Gaye estates won 7.3 million, when they sued Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams, for their song “Blurred Lines”. I just think that for creativity, and the start of different movements, the web has done an amazing job of giving freedom for people to freely express their art, and for those with other motives, well they will get attention either positive or negative when its their time.

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