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Week 6 – Radiance Zeigler

24 Jun

The web has completely changed the idea of copyright and intellectual property over the years, making it completely different from the when the web first began being used by the general population. Copyrighting laws were a big wake up call from not only the music industry but book and movie industries as well. But what […]

Wk. 5 – Radiance Zeigler

17 Jun

I did in fact find Licklider’s article to be prophetic of the reality of the world we live in today. In the very beginning, he projected that we would soon be able to communicate better through a computer than we will be able to do face to face. I think this projection hit the nail […]

Wk.3 – Radiance Zeigler

3 Jun

After watching this weeks lecture,  I learned that there are a number of aspects that are very influential to early computer culture and the development of early games. One of the aspects that I found to have extreme importance would have to begin with Ralph Bear and his creation of the home TV game later […]

Wk. 2 – Radiance Zeigler

28 May

The leap from computers as monstrosities to people personally owning them can be greatly attributed to the creation of the microprocessor. Primarily developed for Busicom, a Japanese calculator company, in 1971, the chip went unused by the corporation. So, shortly after buying back the rights, Intel advertised their new “computer on a chip”. Although very […]

Wk. 1-Radiance Zeigler

21 May

A computer was originally referred to as a person who makes calculations or computations for a living. Overtime, the word was altered to refer to machines utilized to do either specific or general tasks. The production of mathematical tables were the first attempt to compute information on a large scale using human computers but the […]