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Week Six – Caitlin Woolsey

24 Jun

The web has expanded and complicated the idea of copyright. The web makes it easier to make things and share them, but in sharing them it makes it easy to take what was made and to do something with that. And with that is sometimes can blur the lines of what belongs to who. Like […]

Week Five Caitlin Woolsey

17 Jun

Licklider sees a world where everything is attached by computers, people are connected by these machines. He talks about experiencing this, about the ease that computers give when it comes to communication. He talks in the beginning about a meeting with the help of computers that was done in two days what would have been […]

Week Three Caitlin Woolsey

3 Jun

There have been many different types of video games, and they come in all different forms. The lecture starts with what we have already seen a lot of and that is a concept that was never fully realized. In 1947 Goldsmith and Mann came up with a concept for a game to be for the […]

Week Two Caitlin Woolsey

28 May

The transition from computers that were large and really only found in offices to personal computers that were in peoples homes, is a very long and progressive road. It really begins with the idea of the Memex by Vannevar Bush. While it was never built it was the first concepts for personal computers. But the […]

Week One Caitlin Woolsey

21 May

The first actual computers were people. Both the lectures and the Campbell-Kelly reading explain that the original definition of computers was “a person who computes” or “a person employed to make calculations in an observatory”. But as far as analog devises and actual machinery, it goes back way farther than we normally would think of. […]