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Week 6: Drake Saarinen

24 Jun

For this week we are required to talk about copy rights and intellectual property and how the web has effected these aspects of ownership. For one I think that the web has made copy rights allot more complicated. I say this because people can easily steal other peoples works and re brand them as their […]

Week 5: Drake Saarinen

17 Jun

For this week we have been talking about the internet and the world wide web, and how they have come to be as well as how they have changed. Their development was disgusted and it allowed us to look into the technologies and people responsible for the net. One of those people is┬áJ.C.R. Licklider, essentially […]

Week Two: Drake Saarinen

28 May

The intellectual leap in computer design from massive devices that filled rooms all the way down to the smart phones in our pockets today is really thanks to several technological advancements as well as some public interest. First and for most the single most important advancement that happened to the electronic computers was the transistor. […]

Week One: Drake Saarinen

21 May

The origins of the modern digital computer come from a vast span of time and technological development. Many of the original devices were never constructed (theoretical) but were non the less helpful for other engineers in developing other computational devices of their own. The first devices used to compute are believed to be Astrolabes, devices […]