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Post 5 Diba Mohammadullah

24 Jun

This weeks material brought back a lot of memories of my childhood. Growing up, media was not as available to our village as it was for other places in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but because my parents were educated they did everything in their power to provide us with images of what the world outside of […]

week5 Diba Mohammadullah

19 Jun

This weeks material reminded me of all the times when my old school American parents would tell us about technology and how it is best to let the affect be outside of the home so that we are more closer together as a “ family”. I would never understand what my mom meant but then […]

Week 3 Diba Mohammadullah

3 Jun

Reading and watching the lecture videos about the development of computer games this week was quite fascinating. One thing that I picked up on was the development of our ideas as human beings towards such devices; as well as how many engineers along with those capable of giving a “hand” with such era have (even […]

week 2 Diba Mohammadullah

28 May

It was very interesting to read about how computers and computation was transitioned from the mainframe computers to more miniaturize and personalized computer as we know today. One thing that we know is that Time is a changing thing in our world, we understand that technology and the perception of the public towards advancements has […]

Wk1 Diba Mohammadullah

21 May

The origins of computers have been around us from the very beginning. As stated in the lecture and the readings different individuals from ears throughout history have used different analogical and mechanical methods to incorporate these origins into existence of today. Starting for the purposes of astronomical understanding many introduced the meaning of the birth […]