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Week Six Itinease Mcmiller

24 Jun

Based on the video and what I have noticed in this current age is that copyright as far as music has been more lenient or hard to control. I wouldn’t say so in other aspects related to copyright. The Internet has made it harder for lawmakers to regulate copyright. I think the concept of copyright […]

Week five Itinease Mcmiller

19 Jun

Some of Lickliders predictions were true and some were not. He proposed that people will not take pure business trips and that people will have more computer based conferences rather than going to actual meetings. I would say that this is true. This could easily be compared to this class. We don’t all travel to […]

Week Three Itinease McMiller

4 Jun

I think that one of the most important aspects of early computers that lead to the idea of gaming was the creation of personal computers. The creations of computers such as the Apple II and the Commodore Pet lead to the development of early games because they were smaller and personal computers. I would also […]

Week Two Itinease McMiller

28 May

Technology evolved from computers taking up an entire room to being small enough to put on a desk. This was possible throw many creations. One creation that made a huge impact was time sharing because it lowered the cost of computing as well as its terminal was a model for personal computing. The tools used […]

Week One Itinease McMiller

21 May

The origin of computers started with humans, humans were essentially the first computers. Then the first analog computer was discovered in a shipwreck. Analog computers were mostly used for the use of astrology, such as calculating the position and movements of the planets. They were also used for math calculations. I would say that Konrad […]