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Week 6 David MacKool

24 Jun

Web in the modern era has done amazing things with societies view of ownership, reshaping what belongs to whom through the users of the web. In the TED talk, The new open source economics by Yochai Benkler, Benkler points out the economic shift as a result of the web creating a new form of transactional […]

Week 5 David MacKool

17 Jun

Licklider’s article highlights the framework of the modern internet, and in this way I believe it was a form of a self fulfilling prophecy. For a basic demonstration he had of what essentially amounted to a powerpoint on shared screens with a phone conference for talking, and given that the article was written in 1968, […]

Week 3 David MacKool

4 Jun

In 1947, Goldsmith and Mann developed the Cathode Ray Amusement Tube, the first concept of electronic entertainment that would initiate creation of further games. Five years later in 1952, the next step into computer gaming was found when A.S. Douglas developed Naughts and Crosses on an EDSAC to play a simple game of tic tac […]

Week 3 David MacKool

3 Jun

Week 2 – David MacKool

28 May

Money is always made on the cutting edge of technology, as people always want the newest and best new piece of tech to make their lives easier and more enjoyable. Because of this, companies tend to grab on to the newest technology and try to find a way to sell it to the largest audience, […]