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Week 6 post Tamika Lofton

24 Jun

o What has the web done to the idea of copyright & intellectual property? Has it made it more complicated? Simpler? Will the web offer new opportunities for copyright holders? Or will the web destroy the concept of copyright & intellectual property altogether? What do you think both Girl Talk and the producers of Good […]

Wk 5 Post

17 Jun

o What is the difference between the Internet and the Web? The internet links your computer to other computers around the world sharing content. The web is a software that let you use the content or contribute your own. o How did the individuals and institutions that shaped the internet envision its uses and future? […]

WK 3 Post

9 Jun

What are the origins of video games and how did they become commercialized? Rudimentary Spacewar consisted of two humans, two sets of control buttons or joysticks, one for the TV display and one for the computer. Video games became commercialized by putting commercial versions of Spacewar -25 cents a game in university coffee shops. What […]