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Week 6 Jennifer Kim

24 Jun

The web has increased the idea of copyright & intellectual property because of how easy it is now to take other people’s work. It has definitely made it more complicated in the way that, it is easier to tell if someone has copied someone else’s work because of the great amount of people using the […]

Week Four Jennifer Kim

17 Jun

I found that Licklider’s article painted a picture of a perfect society through on-line communication. Although, it is nearly impossible, there are some areas that he did predict correctly and other ideas that are not relevant in the world today. He started off the article with “in a few years, men will be able to […]

Week Three Jennifer Kim

3 Jun

As we learned in the lecture for this week, the idea of the video game that was known first started off with Goldsmith and Mann. Although there is no evidence that the game was made, this was important because the idea was now out there. The idea of video games is interesting because of how […]

Week Two Jennifer Kim

28 May

According to the lecture, there were drastic changes in the technology of computers. With computers that used to take up an entire room, vacuum tubes were an essential part of the technology. But when transistors came into use, it completely changed the physical aspect of a computer. The transistors were smaller, more efficient, and took […]

Week One Jennifer Kim

21 May

I found it interesting how the lecture and readings practically described how the digital computer is where it is at now, so naturally it started off with the analog and mechanical computers. We are used to the computers of today, which can perform multiple tasks and are portable. On the other hand, the analog computers were […]