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Week 6 – LaMicah Hughbanks

24 Jun

Back in 2003, DJ Danger Mouse created The Grey album that was a sampling mix of Jay Z’s black album, and The Beatles The White album. He ended up sending the mix to a group of his friends for their opinions, but his friends posted it on the Internet, which is when it went viral. […]

LaMicah Hughbanks – Week 5

17 Jun

Before watching this video I never thought about there being a difference between the Internet and the web, but now I can see how both are separate from one another. The Internet began with timesharing because it created a model for computer networking. J.C.R Licklider kicked off the idea of the Internet, which is when […]

LaMicah Hughbanks – Week 3

3 Jun

The origins of video games began in 1947 by two men known as The Great Grandfathers who designed a game that was played on a Cathode Ray Tube. The description of the game was to fire a missile at a target for pure amusement. Shortly after, in 1952, A.S. Douglas known as the Grandfather, created […]

LaMicah Hughbanks – Week 2

28 May

There were various technological advances that helped shrink computers from huge machines to small personal computers. It first began with change in technology and later on change in public perception. The creation of memex was a electromechanical device made as a memory extender used by people to follow content which led to the use of […]

Week one LaMicah Hughbanks

21 May

As stated in the lecture, the term analog is defined as a device that uses physical phenomena such as electrical, mechanical or hydraulic quantities to medal the problem being solved. In the earlier years, analogical computational devices were used for various reasons. Back in 1901, the device known as Antikythera Mechanism was founded in a […]