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Week Six Kayley Frey

24 Jun

Copyright and intellectual property have changed with the development of the internet. The work that artists upload to the internet can virtually be distributed to any part of the world, for anyone to see and potentially use for their own personal reasons. The internet, according to the documentary, has become a “second mix tape” for […]

Week 5 Kayley Frey

17 Jun

Technology is a huge part of modern day life. People have become so adjusted to do everything on their phones or laptops that real human communication is starting to be less popular with each passing generation. Through his article, J.C.R. Licklider predicted the future of technology, while Sherry Turkle shared her own opinions about the current […]

Week Three Kayley Frey

3 Jun

The early computer culture, as we have explored the last two weeks, played a crucial role in the development of early video games. The new technology and the social perceptions were huge in the creation of early games, as well as changes in consumption and commercialization. It’s important to recognize how past innovations have an affect […]

Week Two Kayley Frey

28 May

As we learned in week one, the first computing devices were very helpful in the road to developing modern day computers, yet the first computers were very large machines. There are many factors that helped enable the shift from large computing machines to the personal sized PC’s and laptops we use today. At the same […]

Week One Kayley Frey

21 May

The origin of the computer is surely a significant era that has helped enable modern day people to continue to develop and experiment with different computing devices. Throughout both video lectures, the early, analog computational devices are clearly exhibited and provide great insight into the development. A few key devices, including the Jacquard loom and the […]