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Quishanna – “Copyright”

24 Jun

The web has completely altered the way we view copyright and intellectual property. The web as we see it today is completely made up of unoriginal ideas. By this I mean that our web is filled with shared data; whether that data is music, pictures, videos, or even a quote. Today’s youth recycles old creative […]


17 Jun

As I read J.C.R. Licklider’s and Robert W. Taylor’s article I could not help but to see the similarities in their vision of the future and our current computerized reality. They spoke of how the computer along with its programs will have the ability to learn; allowing it to familiarize itself with not only your […]

Quishanna’s Third Week

3 Jun

The biggest influences leading to the development of early games were hacker culture and the different levels of technology that they had available to them. Hackers, similar to hackers today, were able to modify hardware and software to obtain the results that they wanted; however the hackers I am referring to were not criminals but […]


28 May

The transition from computers being huge, entire room consuming things to becoming personal ones that can fit on a person’s lap was a major shift. Many things aided in the mental shift, the biggest thing I believe is the emergence of new, smaller technologies. Vacuum tubes were used in every computer, and the more powerful […]

Week One!

21 May

Both the lecture and the readings introduced the history of computers with the concept of the human computers; this being a perfect way to start any discussion of how mechanical computers came to exist. Human computers were people that performed computations and calculations by hand since there was no technology to assist them. Devices such […]