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Week 6-Daniel Casey-Dunn

24 Jun

One of the main philosophies  of Web 2.0, as mentioned in the lecture, is the idea of free content, and a read/write culture. This very idea, completely destroys the old style ideas regarding copyright and intellectual properties. As Larry Lessig points out, the younger generations express themselves in this very same read/write style. Where they read one […]

Daniel Casey-Dunn Week 5

17 Jun

I found Lickliders article prophetic in the ways in which he described technology and its uses within the workplace, and also socially. However, I thought that he missed the mark psychologically, and in certain (central) ways in which computers are used. Interestingly, at the beginning of the article Licklider seemed to sense the very sentiment […]

Week 3- Daniel Casey-Dunn

3 Jun

To Identify the most important aspects of early computer culture and their emergence and re-occurrences, we must start with William Higinbotham, the father of digital gaming. His simple tennis game started an important technological phase, the era of gaming, but most importantly, it proved the popularity of pc games. It also started the idea of […]

Week 2- Daniel Casey-Dunn

28 May

The movement from huge monstrosities that filled government offices and major corporations to personal computers that can literally fit in one’s palms was both technological and mental. However, it would be nearly impossible to separate the technological changes from the mental perceptions that accompanied these changes. Rather than identifying this process as two unique processes, […]

Week One: Daniel Casey-Dunn

21 May

Throughout the first and second lectures, the professor points towards the origins of the computer. If one traces the etymology of the word computer, it traces back centuries, when the word computer referred to someone performing calculations. If perhaps we are more interested in the origins of the computers we are familiar with today, then […]