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Amira Bell-Week 6 post

24 Jun

Over the century’s the web has changed drastically and made the idea of copyright extremely complicated. Over the web you can look up many different things and if it doesn’t have copyright you can take that information and use it as your work. The idea of Copyright and intellectual property have made it more complicated […]

Week 5-Amira Bell

17 Jun

The difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web is explained a lot throughout the material this week. Narrowing it down in my own words the internet to my knowledge is what connects one computer to another. The web is what we surf while using the internet. The web needs the internet in order […]

week three- Amira Bell

3 Jun

Referring back to previous lectures and readings that have been about the historic background of the development of computers which will lead us into this week’s lecture which was the back ground development of video games. In 1947 Goldsmith and Mann: the Great Grandfathers submitted a patent that outlined a device called the Cathode Ray […]

week 2-Amira Bell

28 May

Reflecting back on week two’s lecture and reading assignment discussed in a timeline form of computers and how they were reconstructed. They were reconstructed from big to small “mainly by computer manufactures and business users to become an effective and efficient electronic data processing machine rather than an enormous mathematical instrument”. Taking a look first […]

week 1, Amira Bell

21 May