Amira Bell-Week 6 post

24 Jun

Over the century’s the web has changed drastically and made the idea of copyright extremely complicated. Over the web you can look up many different things and if it doesn’t have copyright you can take that information and use it as your work. The idea of Copyright and intellectual property have made it more complicated so that others artistic work is protected and very hard to get with out that owners permission.
Creative Commons is a tool that was made for artist to control how their content would be used. Using this tool is allowed us people to take things from other consumers and publish it. This tool helps because it fixes the problem of people not having rights to others property.
In Girl Talk it was mentioned how one can take snippets of others music and play with it to make a mix of your own. He mentions how fascinating it is to people that you can take a piece and transform it with adding their own twist on it. With that being said artist are able to grow in the musical field. You have to be careful with this because the law has made it extremely difficult to do so because you need permission from the original person behind the talent. In Good Copy Bad Copy they mentioned how sometimes artist don’t charge, and only promoting popularity for that person.

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  1. Drake Saarinen June 26, 2015 at 1:49 pm #

    I agree with you that there is a serious problem when it comes to content creators and their ability to keep their work safe. I have heard too many stories of people getting their art or music stolen online only to find that someone has taken it and made money off of it. I do think that in the future there will be some really good changes that will protect content creators. Hopefully these changes will crack down on those who are taking peoples works without permission. I think you really hit the mark about girl talk in that they think that people can be more creative by taking snippets of other peoples works, but I also think that this should require the creator to give permission to the person borrowing their original content. Without something to prevent this from happening I think there can be a lot of people losing out from recognition they rightfully deserve.

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